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Your First Class

What to wear, what to bring & what to expect...

At our school we take the needs of new students very seriously, dance should be enjoyable and fun and students should feel comfortable with both their teacher and classmates. No student is pressured to take part in the class and if just watching is preferred then this is absolutely fine!

We encourage parents and guardians to stay and watch the first class to gather an understanding of the class layout and teaching methods, your child is our priority. After the class there is no commitment necessary however registration forms can be taken if you think that our school is right for you.

You simply need to wear exercise appropriate, comfortable clothing (Leggings and a t-shirt is fine / No denim please) and bring your own bottle of water to keep hydrated! 

Simple as that! Then all that's left to do is relax and enjoy! 



Uniform and personal appearance is incredibly important to us. All students are ambassadors of our school and should be well presented within class. Wearing a uniform is part of the discipline of dance and we have a set compulsory uniform for each genre and grade. We do not accept versions of or non-regulated uniform. 

A wide range of uniform and accessories can be purchased from the front desk in reception 

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