Stepping into (or back into) dance has never been easier with our classes specially designed for adults. All classes are run with a fun and laid back atmosphere so you can relax and practise at your own pace.  

Join our thriving community of adult dancers today!


By far our most popular genre, tap is ideal for those with previous tap knowledge and also complete beginners. A low impact activity with plenty of steps to engage the mind and feet! If you are not sure which level to choose please get in touch to arrange a trial class. 

Currently running on the following days: 

Level 1 - Tuesday @ 7:00pm

Level 2 - Tuesday @ 6:15pm 

Level 3 - Wednesday @ 6:15pm 

Level 3 - Thursday @ 6:15pm 

Level 4 - Friday @ 1:00pm 



A great class for those looking for a different kind of workout! Contains more toning exercises but also maintaining a focus on posture, fitness and flexibility.

Currently running on the following days:

Thursday (BEGINNERS) - 11:45am 

Thursday (ADVANCED) - 7:00pm  


Come along and stretch, twist, turn and step ball change to all the West End & Broadway classics! 

This is a medium -high intensity class which include warm ups, stretching & conditioning, technique based exercises and jazz based choreography. Please get in touch prior to booking if you have any pre-existing injuries. 

Currently running on the following days: 

Monday @ 6:15pm



Not quite feeling up to our other adult classes? Our gentle dance and exercise classes are great alternative for those wanting to improve balance, posture, co-ordination and strength. Perfect for elderly relatives or those currently rehabilitating from an injury. 

Currently running on the following days: 

Monday @ 11:15am - Richmond Town Hall 

Tuesday @ 1:30pm - Reeth Memorial Hall 

Wednesday @ 11:15am - Richmond Town Hall


If swings your thing then we've the class for you! 

Rather than a weekly class our beginners intensive Swing Dance course is held three times a year. After attending our course you'll be invited to attend our open swing nights, held on the last Sunday of the month 6-8pm. Booking for both the course and open swing are essential. 

Upcoming courses: 

All our courses are currently on hold due to Covid-19. Please check back soon for updates!


Our contemporary dance classes are creative based and designed to be a more expressive form of dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. Classes focus on both technique and performance and are a medium intensity class, suitable for both beginners and those with experience. 

Currently running on the following days: 

Mondays @ 7:00pm



Sling Swing is an exciting gentle movement and dance class for mums, dads, carers or mums-to-be with their babies and toddlers in soft structured slings and baby carriers or wraps!​

Participants are encouraged to wear their little ones in high quality slings and carriers however spares are always available for people wanting to try one out.The aim of the classes is to have fun in a friendly, musical environment and to really bond with your baby!

Classes TBC. 

"I really enjoy my adult classes, its lots of fun, with great people and a nice relaxed atmosphere. The classes are at a good pace and I feel like i'm learning something new each week. Long may it continue! " 

- R Carters

"I have never had tap or ballet lessons before and was rather worried that I wouldn't be able to learn the steps! Charlotte is so patient, positive and easy to understand, it makes me feel at ease. I really enjoy my new hobby!" 

- S Turnbull