Stepping into (or back into) dance has never been easier with our classes specially designed for adults. 


All classes are run with a fun and laid back atmosphere so you can relax and practise at your own pace.  

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Adult Tap

Tuesdays (Level 1) - 6:15pm

Thursdays (Level 1) - 12:30pm

Thursdays (Level 2) - 6:15pm 

Wednesdays (Level 3) - 6:15pm 

Ideal for those with previous tap knowledge and also complete beginners. A low impact activity with plenty of steps to engage the mind and feet! 

Adult Ballet 

Wednesdays (Beginners) - 5:30pm

Thursdays (Beginners) - 11:45am

Thursdays (Advanced) - 7:00pm 

A great class for those looking for a different kind of workout! Contains more toning exercises but also maintaining a focus on posture, fitness and flexibility.

Adult Theatre Jazz

 Mondays - 6:15pm

Tuesdays - 7:00pm

Come along and stretch, twist, turn and step ball change to all the West End & Broadway classics! 

(Moderate intensity class.)

Adult Contemporary

Coming very soon to our timetable! 

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“I really enjoy the adult tap class, it's lots of fun, with great people, and a nice relaxed atmosphere. The classes are at a good pace, so I feel like I'm learning something each week, without it being too much to take in. I feel like I'm doing a bit to try and keep fit, in a more fun way than going to the gym! Long may it continue!”

- R Carters

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