Adult Tap Success! (14/09/18)

Congratulations to all our Adult Tap ladies who recently took their Level One exam in April and passed with flying colours, with each one gaining Distinction!

Front to Back: A Moore, S Gardner, J Turnbull, R Carters, C Gayton, S Turnbull, R Pybus & J Pearson

From the Darlington & Stockton:

The Charlotte Jacqueline School of Dance is celebrating their first exam success as all students gained distinction! Twelve adults from the Richmond based dance school decided they would try something new in September 2017 and signed up for the popular Adult Tap Dance class as a way of learning something new whilst keeping active. Little did they know, six months later, it would end in such success! All of the students have since moved on to Level 2 and can’t wait to take part in the experience again. Principal of the school, Charlotte Porter commented “They are a fantastic group of ladies which I look forward to teaching every week. Tap Dancing is great way to get moving and dance as a whole has so many health benefits for both adults and children. With the recent success of dance programmes on television, it’s great to see some of that interest and enthusiasm filtering down to local rural communities like our own.”

Thank you ladies for leading the way and setting an incredibly high bar(re)!


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