Classes are based on the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus which is designed to encourage and develop a child's natural sense of movement, musicality and imagination.

Classes include: 

Classical Ballet - focussing on posture, classical lines and positions. This works to strengthen and extend the muscles to give the impression of defying gravity. 
Free Movement - developing the pupil's natural sense of movement. This encourages musicality and develops co-ordination and the use of gravity. 
Character Dance - from Grade 1 upwards  helping  to develop rhythm and style. 

Pointe Work
Pupils will be advised when they are strong enough to start pointe work, which is usually around 12 years old. . 

Royal Academy of Dance Examinations 
Examinations at all grades are optional and any pupils who do not wish to take examinations will move up with their group to the next class, following the examination session. For those pupils who do wish to take examinations it is expected that they have studied the syllabus for at least a year, have good attendance and are committed to home practice. 

Foundation Stage Ballet
Using ballet technique to create a strong and structured foundation for 3 and 4 year olds who love moving or music. The lessons develop skills in:

  • Co-ordination, Balance and Control

  • Creativity and imagery

  • Spatial awareness

  • Working with others in partners or groups

  • Musicality


Children are generally placed with their age group, starting with Pre-Primary at school reception class age. The Royal Academy of Dance has age guidelines for grades (required for examinations) which have been designed to work with the natural development of the child. New pupils will be advised of the correct Grade for their age and experience


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